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Don’t forget to moisturise. Moisturise every four hours in an air conditioned office.

Office air-conditioning can dry out your skin, making it itch and flake. Skin conditions like eczema, rosacea or psoriasis can worsen, throwing the skin's natural moisture out of balance.

  1. Keep an in-office humidifier or skin cooling mist at your desk to quench your skin throughout the day.
  2. Get the most out of your hand cream by applying it to the back of your hand. Rub it in with the back of your other hand and spread out the cream with your palm to finish.
  3. Give your face a mid day boost by pressing face serum or facial oil gently against your makeup with your palm.
  4. Wear a pair of cotton gloves after applying your hand cream (ideally overnight!). This allows the cream to penetrate deep into your skin.
Moisturising tips: